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ASSURE Medical Disposables

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Rp 950.420
Assure High Risk Isolation Gown (aami Level 4) Yellow (...
Rp 30.980
Assure Wooden Tongue Depressor-100ppp
Rp 97.360
Assure Medicine Cup 30ml 7M067 (1 Pack of 100 Pieces)
Rp 21.350
Assure Applicator Wooden With Cotton Tip 6" 100's/pkt 7M080
Rp 201.260
Assure Surgical Tape 1/2"-24s/box 7M00610
Rp 118.380
Assure Cold & Hot Pack 27cmx14cm AR0730
Rp 39.270
Assure Isolation Gown Blue 30g Knitted Cuff 7M034
Rp 33.190
Assure Eye Shield Sterile - Individually Pack 7M081
Rp 26.880
Assure First Aid Plaster Strips 7M009100 (box of 100 Pi...
Rp 295.970
Assure Surgical Scrub Brush Sterile (disposable) 30's/b...
Rp 221.280
Assure Disposable Nitrile Powdered Free Gloves Blue ASS...
Rp 26.550
Assure Non Sterile Gauze Swab 8ply 7M0228P (pack of 100...
Rp 23.670
Assure Basic Dressing Pack Sterile Eith Indicator 7M036
Rp 17.810
Assure Vagina Speculum Sterile 7M020
Rp 47.350
Assure Instant Cold Pack 20CMX13CM AR0720
Rp 37.610
Assure Swab Non Sterile (non Woven) 4ply 100's/pkt 7M030
Rp 33.190
Assure Gravity Feeding Bag 1000ml 7M058
Rp 159.870
Assure Oral Swab Stick,individually Packed 50's/box 7M077
Rp 118.160
Asure Crepe Bandages 4.5mtr-12ppp
Rp 130.220
Assure Cotton Ball Sterile 0.5g 20pkt/box YMS001
Rp 473.550
Assure Gauze Roll 36"x100yd 4ply Mesh 19x15 7M051
Rp 13.270
Assure Triangular Bandage 7M018 (pack of 12 Pieces)
Rp 146.040
Assure Bib Adult 40cmx60cm With Pocket 100/pkt 7M086L
Rp 17.700
Assure Cotton Ball Non Sterile 0.5g 100's/pkt 7M021
Rp 59.190
Assure Non Absorbent Brown Wool Cotton Roll 454g 7M035NON
Rp 44.470
Assure Absorbent White Cotton Roll 400g (7m-035-abs)
Rp 41.490
Assure Swab Non Sterile 12ply Mesh 19x15 100's/pkt 7M02212P
Rp 265.540
Assure Razor Double Edge Disposable 100's/box 7M059
Rp 213.090
Assure Patient Identity Band Adult(insert Card) White 1...
Rp 165.960
Assure Combine Dressing 20's/box 7M094
Rp 177.580
Assure Cpr Pocket Resuscitator 7M075M
Rp 121.700
Assure Eye Pad Sterile, 8cm X 6 Cm, 50ppp ASSURE-7M-044
Rp 65.270
Assure Suction Connecting Tube Sterile 7M028180
Rp 94.710
Assure Swab Non Sterile 16ply Mesh 19x15 100's/pkt 7M02316P
Rp 194.730
Assure Latex Examination Powder Free Glove ASSURE-GLO-PF