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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Plastic Table Cloth 70" X 70" (carton)
Rp 542.660
Foam Cup 12oz 50 Pieces
Rp 22.950
Disposable 8 Oz White Paper Cups 50pcs/pack
Rp 92.870
Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks 75pairs/pack
Rp 26.080
Disposable 3" Wooden Ice Cream Spoon 100pcs/pack
Rp 18.780
Foam Cup (8oz) 25 Pieces
Rp 10.430
Garbage Bag Trans 19"x19"
Rp 33.490
Transparent GARBAGE BAG 36 X 48 Inch
Rp 78.260
Pte Label Hdpe Garbage Bag Black
Rp 54.260
Royal Black Garbage Bag 36 X 48 Inch RBG3648
Rp 62.610
Garbage Bag Black
Rp 45.910
Royal Black Garbage Bag 30 X 34 Inch RBG3034
Rp 50.090
Toyogo Office Rect. Paper Bin 9291 (pack of 6)
Rp 128.360
Pte Label Plastic Waste Bin Black
Rp 25.040
40 Litres (20l+20l) Stainless Steel Twin Step-on Pedal Recycling Bin
Rp 991.410
68 Litres Rectangle Plastic Step-on Foot Pedal Bin.
Rp 772.250
Rectangle Powder Coated Steel Standing Bin C/w Abs Self Closing Lid
Rp 730.510
Envon 45l Foot Pedal Waste Bin Grey
Rp 474.830
80-litres Mobile Garbage Waste Bin W/wheels
Rp 709.640
German Made 660 Litres Mobile Garbage Bin.
Rp 3.704.750
660 Litres 4 Wheels High Density Polyethylene Mobile Garbage Bin
Rp 2.608.980
120 Litres 2 Wheels Bin C/w Recessed Center Step-on Pedal
Rp 834.870
240 Litres 2 Wheels Plastic Recycling Bin
Rp 980.970
German Made Sulo 360 Litres 2 Wheels Mobile Garbage Bin
Rp 1.617.560
Klenco Kleanway G-cloth Microfibre - 40 X 40cm (10/pkt)
Rp 210.800
Consolidated Serene Tablets
Rp 401.780
Kleanway Mini 18l Mop Bucket W/ Wringer
Rp 1.221.000
Mop Bucket With Wringer Yellow
Rp 378.820
Kleenmaid Lobby Dustpan With Cover and Broom Set
Rp 252.540
Kleanway Wet Floor & Cleaning in Progress Floor Sign Warning Board Yellow
Rp 63.650