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F-90120M 90cm x 120cm Magnetic Whiteboard c/w Stand

A whiteboard is a large ultra-smooth surface, normally white, that offers space for organising teaching lessons, ideas, work presentations and many other important matters. Each whiteboard has a marker tray, offering space for storage of marker pens, eraser and they are close at hand to use. The ultra-smooth surface of the whiteboard is easy to clean and resist scratching. It is also easy to write on and wipe without stain or ghosting. You can draw, write text, make notes on images, add equations and engage your students/audiences from the whole class with it. You are allowed to use magnets to pin notes, pictures, photos etc. onto the whiteboard.

Our most popular Flexi whiteboard with stand, F-90120M is built with aluminium frame and reinforced on all four corners with strong rounded plastic caps for durability and strength. Each whiteboard has a built-in marker tray that can flip open to use and to keep the whiteboard marker pens and its eraser. No sharp edges on all sides of the whiteboard to make it safe for all users. The ultra-smooth screen on our whiteboard is protected by a thin layer of plastic film during transportation to prevent scratches. To use, you need to remove this layer of plastic film, instruction included. The whiteboard also come complete with 2 or 3 hanging hooks depending on size, and they are on the long side of the board. They are light weight and easy to deploy and install if required. Our trained personnel can also do the installation on the same day of delivery.

Our stand for the whiteboard are finished with a durable powder coated white colour. Its height is adjustable with 3 different heights namely default height at 83cm, the other 2 heights are 97.5cm and 110cm, the later means the higher the whiteboard will be. The height mentioned are measured from ground to base of the whiteboard. The stand are well finished and have no sharp edges, they are sturdy and come with castor wheels with locks for mobility. The sturdy whiteboard stand with castor wheels makes your whiteboard mobile, so you can easily move it around your house or workplace for shared use or change of venues.

We will deliver to you fully assembled stand with the whiteboard. No DIY necessary. No Time wasted on assembly.

Technical Data:

  • Outer dimension: 90cm x 120cm (3' x 4')
  • Thickness: 19mm; single sided; light weight
  • Aluminium frame c/w foldable pen tray
  • Reinforced plastic round corners
  • Comes with ring for wall mount
  • Stand base dimension: L:80cm x W:50cm
  • Durable powder coated steel (white colour)
  • Adjustable height from ground level to top edge of whiteboard: 1.73m, 1.87m and 2.0m
  • Heavy duty sturdy stand c/w castor wheels with lock
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