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Bantalan & Baterai Dewasa Aed + Biaya SAV-C0846

Model: SAV-C0846
Brand: AMI

Product Details

Aed Adult Pads & Batteries+th Fees SAV-C0846

Features : Multifunctional PADs for defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, cadiacatranscutaneous stimulation and ECG monitoring, provided with direct connection to cables and defibrillators. Due to their technical characteristics they guarantee a low impedance and a reduced stimulation threshold and a high adaptability. AMI Italia defibrillation PADs are single use single-use. They are equipped with a special anti-shock safety connector which is inserted into the appropriate defibrillator insert. The AMI Italia PADs have a 30 month expiration.


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Rp 773.660

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