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Baterai Fukuda ES2.3-12v Sealed Agm Mf

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Model: S2.3
Brand: Fukuda

Product Details

Fukuda ES2.3-12v Sealed Agm Mf Battery

The FUKUDA ES series is in a class of its own, all-purpose battery. It is ideal for uninterruptible power supply and emergency backup. The batteries can be stored for more than six months and are valve regulated, sealed lead acid maintenance free batteries, with a design life of 10 years and up to 600 cycles. Our lead acid batteries are highly efficient, suitable for air transport and have excellent recovery from discharge.


  • UPS
  • Exit Lighting
  • Backup system

Key Features

  • AGM VRLA construction.
  • 5-year standby design life.
  • Float or Standby use.
  • Low gas emission 99% plus recombination.
  • ABS Resin case to UL94-HB fire resistance available upon request.
  • Excellent recovery from deep discharge.
  • Use in any orientation (except inverted.)
  • Leak proof.


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