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I-pad Nf1200 Defibrillator Eksternal semi-otomatis

Model: 2030
Brand: IPAD

Product Details

i-PAD NF1200 Semi-Automatic External defibrillator

NF 1200 i-PAD is a semi-automatic external defibrillator, also known as AED. The defibrillator is designed to be used by individuals without any first aid knowledge. NF 1200 iPAD has a clear verbal and visual instructions that guides the user through the use of any predefined language through the entire rescue operation. One of the most user-friendly defibrillators on the market. Simple and easy operation. CE approved and highest FDA approval.


Powered by a 12 Volt DC, 4.2Ah, lithium manganese dioxide, disposable long-life primary cell. The battery has a 5 year standby life. One battery is capable of delivering a minimum of 200 shocks or 4hrs of operating time.

Indications for Use:

Use the i-PAD to treat a person that you think is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The following are symptoms of SCA

  • No movement and no response when shaken
  • No normal breathing
  • No pulse

Data Recording And Transmission:

  • Infrared: Wireless transmission of event data to personal computer using the IrDA protocol
  • Data Stored: First 40 minutes of ECG an the entire incident's events and analysis decisions


  • Simple and easy operation
  • Metronome function and CPR instructions
  • Cannot be incorrectly operated
  • Automatic self test (Power on / Run time / Daily / Weekly / Monthly)
  • Highest IP 54 rating which means that iPAD is protected against dust and water
  • 40 min. recording of the entire rescue process as well as ECG data
  • Can also be used for Children up to 25 kg. or below 8 years of age by use of special pediatric pads to be purchased separately


  • Brand: i-Pad
  • Product Type: External Defibrillator
  • Colour: Black/Red
  • Material: Plastic
  • Waveform: Biphasic
  • Controls: Shock Button, i-Button, On/Off Button
  • Indicators: 4 LEDs (different colors), i-Button
  • Shock-to-shock Cycle Time: Typically less than 20 seconds
  • Charge time: 10 seconds from shock advised
  • ECG analysis: VF, VT, AAMI DF39
  • Battery Model: LiMnO2, lithium manganese dioxide
  • Battery Capacity: Minium 200 shocks or 4 hours of operating time (25°C)
  • Battery: 4 years
  • Capacity: Minimum 200 shocks or 4 hours of performance
  • Shelf Life: 60 Months in Standby, 6 Years in Storage
  • Weight: 2.2 kg Including Battery


  • Adult 200J (Fixed)
  • Child 50J (Fixed)

Optional Accessories:

  • Carry Case: Yes
  • Rechargeable battery pack: Yes
  • Adaptor for battery charging: Yes
  • IrDA connector for data communication: Yes
  • Software for data management: Yes
  • Wall Bracket: Yes
  • Wall Cabinet: Yes


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