Koka Signature Laksa Singapura Noodles 70 Gr
Koka Signature Laksa Singapura Noodles 70 Gr
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KOKA Signature Laksa Singapura Noodles 70 gr

A traditional Singaporean noodle dish bathed in a spicy, rich coconut curry soup, KOKA Signature Laksa Singapura noodles is one of the most popular exotic Asian flavours.

Spicy, tangy, sweet, peppery. Any true Asian knows that bold flavors are at the heart of a delicious bowl of steaming instant noodles. Koka Signature is a perfect marriage of Singapore's favourite herbs and spices with her best-loved local dishes. Crafted to pack a punch in taste, it's go-to choice for those who like their noodles loaded with character.

Product Details:

- No added MSG

- No preservatives

- No artificial colouring

- Halal certified

- Made in Singapore

Rp 355.920
(exc. GST)
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Minimum order of 24pcs
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