Low Pressure Polyurethane (pu) Foaming Machine
Mesin Busa Polyurethane (pu) Tekanan Rendah
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GMA Low Pressure Lv machine is a matured and well-designed machine for injecting Polyurethane Foam. The term “Low Pressure” implies that the mixing of two chemical components A and B are through mechanical mixer driven by motor. The residual mixed component in the mixing chamber is then washed by using solvent such as Methylene Chloride.

GMA Low Pressure Lv machine offers a flexible and user friendly Operator Panel for operator to enter the required timers for injection. There are a total of 29 pouring timers with 6 indexing. That means 6 different component ratios can be pre-set and selected for injection.

Different indexing is carry out by varying the flow rate of individual component pump. The machine can be equipped with AC INVERTERS, which contribute to the great improvement of component ratio in the Polyurethane industry. This enhances the machine capability as well as provides greater flexibility to the end users and the chemical suppliers.

Rp 100
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