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Mr Mckenic Degreaser Biodegradable

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Model: MCK-BD
Brand: Mr McKenic

Product Details

Mr McKenic Biodegradable Degreaser


- Powerful Effective Degreasing for All Applications and Industries

- Water-based and Biodegradable

- Outperforms Most Conventional Petroleum Based Solvents

- Pleasant Fragrance *

- High Dilution Ratios*

- Fast Action

- Adapted for Most Surfaces*

DIRECTION FOR USE: NOTE: Before use on non-metal, painted or any other sensitive surfaces/equipment, always apply biodegradable degreaser on a piece of clean cloth and test on a small area first

1) Mr McKenic® Biodegradable Degreasers can be applied using spray, soak or mop methods.

2) Using the Products Table, select a suitable Mr McKenic® Biodegradable Degreaser for your application.

3) Dilute Mr McKenic® Biodegradable Degreaser with water to the suggested dilution ratio in accordance to the intended use.

4) Apply directly onto target areas. Agitate with a brush if necessary.

5) For heavy soils, leave the degreaser to soak in for 10-15 mins to work on the stains.

6) Flush off completely with plenty of water until clean.

7) Dry surface with a clean mop or cloth.

8) Repeat application if necessary.


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