Runntech Hall Effect DC5V Multi-axis Joystick for Civil Machinery Education Simulation
Runntech Hall Effect DC5V Multi-axis Joystick untuk Simulasi Pendidikan Mesin Sipil
Product Description

Product configuration: RT100-T-3-HV2-02(89)-HD1-BT1R-M1
  • RT100: RunnTech 100 series industry joystick controller;
  • T: mechanical spring return to center (self-centering);
  • 3: dual axis, free movement operation;
  • HV2: input: DC5V, output: 0.5…2.5…4.5V;
  • 02: 2 normally open contacts in each axis;
  • 89: contacts @ -32° to -3° or +3° to +32°;
  • HD1-BT1R: one red momentary thumb push button;
  • M1: mounting dimension 56x56mm, central hole: 63mm.

About RT100 Multi-axis Joystick Controller

RT100 industrial joystick controller, is mainly used in hydraulic proportional control or variable frequency motor control, such as Rotary table (drilling rig), Crane, Aerial work platforms, Forklift trucks, Mobile hydraulics, Shield tunneling machine, Hoist, Marine, Construction machinery, Civil engineering, Military vehicles, Cabin vehicles, Military robotics, Precision machine tools, Material handling trucks, etc.

Rp 1.080
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