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Pasokan Aed & Signage Pertolongan Pertama Saver One® Aed Semi-otomatis

Model: SVO-B0001
Brand: AMI

Product Details

Supply Aed & First Aid Signages

Code SVO-B0001: Semi-Automatic Standard Version at 200J

SAVER ONE AEDs are designed for a public access use and licensed to administer fast and safe rescues. Highly-effective and user-friendly for any lay rescuer, even without minimal training.

Semi-Automatic administers a shock at the press of a button. Choose the best portable AED that’s right for you to save lives everywhere in any public circumstance (home, office, school, hotel, airport, train, beach, gym, pool, disco, etc.) and before EMS team arrives.

Helpful Text Screen: The mini LCD screen always displays a battery gauge with its residual percentage charge and runs text in tandem with audible voice instructions, helpful in noisy and chaotic environments.

Synergic “INFO” Button: The i button provides valuable device or battery technical information to users and is serviceable for changing the language.

CPR Coaching: More instructive voice and text prompts guide user through rescue. A built-in metronome assist responder during the CPR, providing audio cues for the appropriate number and rate of chest compressions.

Adult / Child Capability: Can be used on patients of any age with flashing icons on the keyboard providing information on the pads in use. Device senses when Pediatric pads are installed and adjusts to use a more appropriate lower energy level (50J).


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Rp 25.573.310

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