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Sus304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Hot Plate Gripper

Model: HPM-0003

Product Details


  • Length: 17cm
  • Width: 2.2cm
  • Height: 2cm


Key Features

  • Thick 304 stainless steel material
  • Multipurpose and durable
  • Bright and smooth appearance/outline, with firm texture
  • Design with two level of hook edges, enable it to grabs more variety of dinnerware.
  • Can use as bottle opener
  • Designed for easy hanging


About This Item 

Have getting those hot dishes out from those “hot zones” seems like a mission impossible to you? You won’t have to dance those fingers on the hot plates again with the Multipurpose Kitchen Hot Plate Helper.
Design with two different pairs of hook levels, this allows the kit to carry out its big and small missions into the “hot zones”. Made from 201 stainless steel material, it is also more strong and durable.

And when it comes to celebration, our kitchen kit is also that enjoy chilling and popping up that ice cold bottle of drinks. So the next time you’re heading to the “hot zone”, this multi-purpose kitchen hot plate helper got you covered.


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      Rp 41.740

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