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Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Sanwa Digital Multimeter CD800A
Rp 689.840
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2117R
Rp 1.113.590
Fluke Digital Multimeter 115
Rp 3.962.070
Fluke Leakage Clampmeter 368FC
Rp 13.691.410
Fluke Digital Multimeter 113
Rp 2.977.410
Vernier Caliper 6"
Rp 103.150
Elora Measuring Tape, 5 Meter
Rp 287.300
Ingco Digital Level
Rp 703.320
Tolsen Measuring Tape
Rp 31.640
Stanley Tape Rule 3m X 1/2''
Rp 35.160
Allways Measuring Tape
Rp 94.480
Orex Walking Measure Single Wheel 6inch
Rp 1.934.140
Navis Wireless Windy B Smartphone Anemometer
Rp 3.106.350
Bw Technology Honeywell Gasalertmax Xt Ii Multi-gas Detector W/built in Sampling Pump (2 Gas)
Rp 21.920.330
AZ77597 Portable Combo Co2 Co Temperature Humidity Logger Monitor
Rp 6.798.810
Wall Mount Air Quality 3" Led Carbon Dioxide (co2) Monitor (390x292)
Rp 4.688.840
Cem DT-900A 2-in-1 Formaldehyde Hcho & Tvoc Meter
Rp 4.571.620
Tenmars TM-801 Carbon Monoxide Co & Temperature Meter
Rp 2.344.420
Laser Labs TM2000 Inspector Ii Glass Tint Meter
Rp 3.610.400
Ubibot Ws1-pro Wifi Sim Temperature Humidity Light Data Logger Iot System
Rp 3.516.630
Ubibot Ws1-pro Wifi Temperature Humidity Light Data Logger Iot System
Rp 2.285.810
Seek Thermal Reveal PRO
Rp 14.066.520
Therm-app® Md
Rp 139.258.580
Tenmars TM-720 Mini Pocket 400,000 Lux Digital Light Meter
Rp 1.406.650
Kyoritsu 4202 Earth Clamp Testers ( Bluetooth )
Rp 17.114.270
Fluke Clamp Meter 40-400a A/c -324
Rp 4.360.620
Fluke Clamp Meter 600a A/c 373
Rp 4.958.440
Snap-on Battery System Tester W/print EECS750A
Rp 14.871.010
Kyoritsu Digital Earth Meter 4105ah
Rp 4.266.840
Kyoritsu 3125a Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester
Rp 10.092.730
Rp 1.316.970
Bosch Multi Detector GMS120
Rp 1.800.510
Zircon Studsensor Pro Lcd
Rp 926.040
Zircon Multiscanner MS-i520
Rp 2.485.080
Homelite Pro Stud Sensor-HP4050A
Rp 926.040
Rp 3.010.230
Alphalab Air Shipment Milligauss Meter (oersted Meter) / Nist Certificate (0.01-1999.9mg)
Rp 16.293.720
Emfields AM-10 the Acoustimeter Microwave Detector (200mhz to 8ghz)
Rp 6.564.370
Emfields the Acousticom 2 Microwave Detector (200mhz to 8ghz)
Rp 3.270.460
Emfields PF4 Elf Power-frequency Meter (10hz to 2khz)
Rp 6.236.150
Emfields RadAware Personal Microwave Detector (200mhz to 6ghz)
Rp 2.614.020
Tenmars TM-190 Multi-field Emf Meter / Gauss Meter
Rp 2.520.250
Cem AT-6 High Accuracy Digital Non-contact Tachometer
Rp 1.054.980
Lutron Tachometer (photo/contact) DT-2268
Rp 2.485.080
Lutron Tachometer (photo/contact) DT-2236
Rp 3.540.070
Lutron 3phase & Motor Rotation Meter RT-608
Rp 1.594.200
Cem AT-8 High Accuracy Digital Contact / Non-contact Tachometer
Rp 1.523.870
Lutron Tachometer (Photo/Contact) DT-2230
Rp 2.520.250
Snap-on Temp Adpt-dual EEDM506D
Rp 1.898.160
Snap-on Thermometer 0-220f 1in Stainls ACT83A
Rp 520.930
Cem DT-835 Professional Infrared Thermometer, -50~800°c 16:1 Ip54
Rp 2.789.860
Snap-on Thermometer 0-220f 2in Stainls ACT73A
Rp 359.040
Thermal Imager/camera
Rp 7.619.360
Ingco Industrial Infrared Thermometer HIT015501
Rp 457.160
Pin Gauge No-go Assembly 21.10mm
Rp 1.353.900
Snap-on Intake Cleaning Adaptor EEFI5CL-NOZ
Rp 1.180.760
Mitutoyo Feeler Gauge Length 6"/150mm
Rp 32.880.500
Snap-on Engine Oil Pressure Set EEPV507
Rp 3.220.760
Pin Gauge Go Assembly 20.40mm
Rp 1.353.900
M1-100g Stainless Steel 100g Oiml Class M1: 5mg Calibration Weight
Rp 293.050
Cem DT-8852 Sound Level Meter With Data Logger
Rp 3.516.630
Fluke 805ES External Vibration Sensor for 805 Fc Vibration Tester
Rp 23.537.980
Tenmars TM-100 Sound Level Calibrator
Rp 3.164.960
Soundtek ST-109R Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter Data Logger
Rp 23.444.200
Lutron Sound Level Meter, Class 2 SL-4023SD
Rp 3.586.960
Opus Calibration Sound Level Meter With Sac-singlas
Rp 1.289.430
Weicon Crack Testing Agent Penetrant 500 Ml
Rp 191.770
Ph-indicator Strips Ph 7.5 - 14 1.09532.0001
Rp 217.320
Lead(ii)acetate Paper 1.09511.0003
Rp 617.050
Johnson Ph Paper 100 Sheet Ph 0 - 14
Rp 175.830
Weicon Crack Testing Agent Developer 500 Ml
Rp 191.770
Ph-indicator Strips Ph 5.0 - 10.0 1.09533.0001
Rp 254.830